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LBH Mozambique Charterers Agency


Our group is able to offer a most comprehensive charter’s agency function. Apart from protecting our Principals’ interest and ensuring an efficient port operation at all times, our functions also include, but are not limited to:

  • Railway & transport monitoring
  • Stockpile reporting
  • Port status & conditions
  • Daily production / activity reports
  • Customs documentation

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LBH Mozambique Clearing & Forwarding Agency

It often occurs that we are unable to be nominated as charterers agents and in this case we offer our services as clearing and forwarding agents. We are licensed to be able to carry out this function throughout the ports of Mozambique.

We are specialists in the field of bulk and project transactions. Furthermore our clearing and forwarding team have an extremely high level of expertise in the container and breakbulk sector. Our clearing and forwarding departments are able to arrange:

  • Customs documentation
  • Stock control
  • Packing
  • Insurance
  • Freight bookings

LBH Mozambique Contract Logistics & Management

We are very proud of our ability and knowledge of our local market. We would like all our Principals to benefit from the store of information which we have accumulated.

To this end we propose to administer your cargo on a ‘partnership’ basis. We see ourselves as your ‘partners’ in the logistics field. Invariably, your cargo is in the hands of persons over whom you have no direct control or possibly it’s even in the hands of people whom you have not appointed yourself. As traders this is a concern – we are able to offer you a solution. We can control and report on your cargoes in a customised method to suit your requirements exactly. We will supervise the function of the following subcontractors:

  • Railways
  • Ships agents
  • Port authorities
  • Ocean carriers
  • Insurers
  • Surveyors
  • Hauliers
  • Warehousemen

From the data collected from the above we are able to offer daily reports on your cargo movements and a consolidated cost control system.

LBH Mozambique Owners Agency

Our experience in the ports of Mozambique is of benefit to all shipowners and desponent owners. Our local knowledge of situations and our keen interest in the promotion of these ports are of advantage to all vessel operators.  We are able to attend to all your husbandry requirements and can supply the following services:

  • Off port limit calls
  • Bunkering calls
  • Dry docking & repairs
  • Cash to Master transactions
  • Crew changes
  • Owner protecting agency

We are available for any query that you may have in the maritime field on our coast.


If you have any questions or requests use the contact form below. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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