Port Elizabeth

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Latitude 34 ° 01′ S  Longitude 25 ° 42’E

The Port of Port Elizabeth is situated in Algoa Bay on the south-eastern coast of Africa, midway between the Ports of Durban (384 nautical miles north-east) and Cape Town (423 nautical miles west).

The Port of Port Elizabeth is the fifth largest port in Southern Africa, based on tonnage handled, and the third largest in terms of revenue earned. The port has a container terminal, one of five in South Africa. Over the years, the port has gained a sound reputation for service quality and flexibility, a view shared by parties in the shipping fraternity. The Port of Port Elizabeth is managed by Transnet National Ports Authority, a division of Transnet LTD. The port is striving to be a world class port by adhering to international standards such as ISPS code.

Most of the cargo flowing through Port Elizabeth is generated in, or is destined for, the greater Algoa Bay area, reaching up to the Sundays River and Langkloof Valleys, however, some cargo is transported by rail and road to and from the Free State and Gauteng.

This area is heavily industrialised and intensively farmed. Traditionally, Port Elizabeth and nearby Uitenhage, which is part of the Nelson Mandela Metropole Municipality, have been the centre of the South African motor industry. As a result the port imports large volumes of containerised components and raw materials for this industry.

The bulk of exports comprise agricultural products: timber, wool, textiles, skins and hides in containers, as well as palletised citrus and deciduous fruit. Manganese ore, motor vehicle industry related products and steel are also exported. The Port of Port Elizabeth is equipped with VTS (Vessel Tracking Systems).

Terminal Information


A mandatory underkeel clearance of  500 millimeters is applicable at all times and has been allowed for in the above maximum drafts.

Permissable draft in entrance channel:

At all states of tide:                         11.7m

Subject to tidal restrictions :        > 11.7m

Vessels exceeding 11,7m draft are to obtain special permission in writing from the office of the Harbour Master or alternately the Deputy Harbour Master.

Port Elizabeth

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